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MovieStarPlanet is one of the popular game among the adults and children. Being fan of Movie Star Planet and you might be looking for starcoins,diamond and vip month. Today we programmer from would like to present the new MSP Hack and Cheats Tool for android,IOS and Windows Platform, which allows you to generate unlimited amount of diamonds, starcoins and VIPs for your account. The program is very easy to use and with just a few click of  mouse you will get your diamonds, starcoins or VIP credited to your account. The HackTool has been programmed so that it is compatible with all operating don’t be late to download moviestarplanet starcoins diamond hack.

Before we go into detail we would like to go into the most important elements of theMoviestarPlanet game and explain why this hack is absolutely FREE. 

How to generate MovieStarplanet Diamond starcoins and VIP status

Before We  help you to generate resources to your account you have to verify. This step we have provied  for using our tool has been abused many times, and thousands of diamonds, starcoins were generated with our program and sold in forums. The verification appears directly in the webpage or android and ios apps  and it  requires that one of the listed options be selected. So, choose one of the listed options and enter your username(if asked for it). You will receive a code on your mobile phone that you must confirm. After you have now confirmed the code, send an SMS with STOP and the same number back, thus no costs and the hack is therefore free!

Do Moviestar Planet hack cheats Work ?

Our team, the programmers of the MSP Hacks have found a loophole in Movie start planet in their security system and the firewalls of this game. As you may have already noticed, this is an online game hosted on the developer’s servers. As long as the servers of MSP have this vulnerability, we are able to load the VIP status on any account, but also to generate as many diamonds and starcoins as you need for your account without doing survey.


Process to  get star points in Movie star Planet

STEPS to get starcoins is  very simple. An Interface has been created so users do not have to read the encoding themselves. It is very easy as small child can even do. You need to enter your MSP user name, choose the operating system you use (iOS, Android, Windows) and connect. If the program has successfully linked to your user name, just select the number of diamonds and StarCoins you want. We also have the option to buy a VIP package (our favorite feature).

What are you waiting for? Use this Tricks to get unlimited coins in Moviestar game. Here is a picture of the online generator.

How to Become Famous on MovieStarPlanet

This is the first time the StarCoins which is considered the primary currency of the game The player of a movie deserves more, how much more depends on his level, the higher the level the player reaches, the more coins the player gets. For pet stroking, you get between one and five Starcoins, and the amount of time you get depends on the type of pet you are playing, and each player who earns his competition depends on Startcoins, Diamonds and VIP status Get without using MSP cheats is obtained by that and forgive and greet. To send special greetings you have to click on Shopping and then on the Diamondshop, then on the letter with the Smily. Then you just select the person you want to send the gift to and click on Send.

This is how your game looks like:MSP hack starcoins and VIP status

The Next important resources in MovieStarPlanet are diamonds. MSP VIP Diamonds and StarCoins

This is a resource which can be used in the star gameShop (you can find the shop in the shopping tab). With diamonds, you can buy exclusive items, animations, clothes and more. You can only get diamonds if you win competitions or have the VIP status.

Feature Of Moviestarplanet coins Generator 2017
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free VIP status
  • Unlimited StarCoins
  • Cross Platform Compability
  • No need to Download Software to get free MovieStar Coins
  • Fully automatic and Proxy is not required
  • Account is protection from Ban


Are you Confused about the Online Tool ? Are you worried about How to Download/Use Tools Online Generator from game guide pro, Then do Visit « How to Download section » We have hints/guides/Tutorials for you. Further you can visit our Please Refer to Faq Section For More Information .

And since we are already at the last resource, the VIP status. To enjoy the game to the fullest by unlocking all the block features and features you are force to buy a VIP package. These packages provide more diamonds and StarCoins in your account and you can unlock many features which are blocked in the free version. If players want to enjoy all of these advantages without interruption, then you will have to pay monthly.

Our offline software (release is next month, uses the online generator in the meantime)

Moviestarplanet generator

This is the reason why we decided to develop this MSP Hack. The success rate of our software is 99% and absolutely free of viruses! Our hack offers you the possibility to get everything in the game what you want, and it’s free! Not every MovieSP player can afford to spend money on a game, but the parents do not allow it , Then we can help you, our MSP cheats are absolutely free and very easy to use.

Why to use our Movie Star Planet Hack

Really who does not want to be movie star . They are loveable by people children of all age. There is curious fact about movie star that how their daily lifestyle look like . Now you don’t have to feel for that .You can play Movie star Planet !!! Just you may have seen on other places in the internet that in order get resources of game you need to buy it using paypal or mastercard. But If you use our Movie str planet tool you can get reources  diamonds for free.You can use our software to check yourself, buy exclusive items and generate diamonds and starcoins within seconds. You dont need to wait for weeks and month to get MoviestarCoins . You can get it instantly within 30 second of using our Tool.So get our new updated latest working version of moviestarplanet hack starcoins and diamonds generator.

MovieStarplanet : Easy way of getting starcoins Diamond and VIP status

Movie star planet is such a creative game that you can be star in no time. You have complete freedom to be who you want. You can be celebrity of your choice ans enjoy your life.You can make your own celerity video and earn points Diamonds share with community .

Software Moviestarplanet Change Logs [Android/iOS/Windows]:

  1.  v1.0 Inital Realese of MSP for Beta Test
  2. v2.0 Minor Bug Fixed
  3. V3.0 Ability to add unlimited starcoins and Diamonds
  4. v4.0 VIP status added in Movie star Planet for android and ios
  5. v5.0 Major bug Fixed- Databse connection error


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