TrashFlash (TF) card , formerly known as T-Flash, was introduced by San Disk Corporation in 2004 AD as the world’s smallest memory card, approximately the size of a fingernail. TransFlash was specifically designed for being used in smartphones,PDA, DigitalCamera, ipod.

Are TF Card and microSD  are same thing ?

Yes, They are same but Technologically different. One the other sideThe microSD has exactly the same dimensions and specifications as the TransFlash and therefore both memory cards are completely compatible to each other.

What is the main difference between SD Card and TF Card ?

Difference1: Appearance – Dimension

SD Card – 24mm×32mm×2.1mm

TF Card –  15mm×11mm×1mm

Difference 2:Designation

The full name of SD Card is Secure Digital Memory Card.

TF Card is one of memory card, called Micro SD. After then the name changes to TransFlash. The reason of renaming Micro SD is because the SD were taken by SDA insititution,including minisd and SD Card.

Difference 3:Origin

SD Card is designed and invented by Panasonic, Toshiba, as well as US Sandisk.

TF Card is the one latest generation memory card standard issued by Motorola and SanDisk Co together in 2004s.

Difference 4:Define

SD Card is one of upgraded memory card based on Semiconductor flash memory device.

TF Card is a tiny and flash memory store card relied on the most upgraded NAND MLC and controlling technology from SanDisk.

Difference 5:Functionality

SD Card is worldwide used by portable equipment, such as digital camera, personal PDA, Media Player and etc.

TF Card is primarily utilized by mobile phone. Cause its tiny advantage and with advancing of the volume, it generally applies to most device as GPS, Media Player and some Flash memory drive.

Difference 6:Security

SD Card has protection switch which TF Card don’t have, but TF Card is able to transfer to SD Card through Card sleeve.

Difference 7:Connection

TF Card can transmit to Minisd and SD card by adapter.

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Difference 8:Capacity

SD Card concludes 32G 16G 8G 6G 4G 2G 1G 512M 256M 128M.

TF Card concludes 64G 32G 16G 8G 6G 4G 2G 1G 512M 256M 128M.

MicroSD cards can do non-memory jobs like Bluetooth, GPS, and Near Field Communication (NFC) while TFlash Card doesnot do non-memory Jobs.

There is security section switch on SD card while TF card does not have such part.

How TFlash later named into SdCard ?

In 2005 TransFlash was adapted by the SD Card Association. After the adoption, TransFlash changed name to microSD. SO They are now same thing Today.

P.S They are both basically the same. Micro SD cards were originally called TF cards.